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Wabi|Magazine’s ‘Top Conscious Relating Books’ List…

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Editor’s Note:

If you’re ready for a deeper cut, these that you see below are cherry-picked by me personally, to support Wabi’s mission: to find and offer you the very best from the world of authentic, conscious relating.  Full disclosure, some of the images have affiliate links- which means that if you go on to purchase the book, Amazon tosses me a couple of bucks for the referral.  It’s this sort of funding that’ll let me keep bringing you all the great articles, so I hope you’re happy to support Wabi in this way.  My guarantee to you is that every single book below is indeed a heartfelt recommendation, from me to you.

-B. Courtney Burrell, Editor, Wabi|Magazine.





Getting Real @ Amazon

Anyone interested in conscious relating should, in the editor’s humble opinion, definitely read this foundational book.













Bestselling researcher and speaker Brene Brown, PhD, followed up her hit, ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’ with this offering: How the courage to open up to people is essential to a life of fulfillment, happiness, and fruitful relationships.















This classic book by Marshall Rosenberg emphasizes recognition of universal human ‘needs’, and spawned local groups worldwide. ‘NVC’ has been applied in politics, boardrooms, and in the everyday lives of the legions who love it.



Susan Campbell’s latest wisdom, all about keeping relationships healthy on the fly. How to quickly resolve little issues between you and your partner before they become big ones.














The Erotic Mind- Dr. Jack Morin

Sexuality is so taboo in our society, it can even be taboo in your own inner world. Dr. Morin leads you on steamy exploration, through your own peak experiences and fantasies, into understanding what really turns you on, and uncovering hidden shame or fear around it- so you can release it! You’ll likely make some surprising revelations, and be glad you did.

















The Art Of Circling - Bryan Bayer

Authentic World and AMP co-founder Bryan Bayer offers practical insight on how to become skilled at deeply connecting with others. My experiences with Circling were (and are) the inspiration for Wabi|Magazine.

















The preferred personality typing system of the ‘authentic relating’ community, the Enneagram’s (IN-ee-uh-gram) 9 categories don’t pigeonhole you into a type that you are, but highlight a set of strategies that you tend to do. I was skeptical at first, but turns out it’s a deep and well-respected system, that’s super fun to ‘geek out’ on once you start getting the hang of it.


















Speaking of geeking out- if you want to dig into a true philosophy that integrates East and West, and offers very useful ‘maps’ by which to consider personal and cultural evolution- check this intro to Wilber’s ‘Integral Theory’. Of note for relating skills is his map of the ‘Altitudes of Development’.

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