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1.  Relational OS – 3 Video Trainings and Documents

For a VERY limited time…  Increase your Relational Intelligence for both business and personal life.  (See our article.)  The founders of the Integral Center/Authentic World are offering these very generous trainings as a lead-in to their full RelationalOS online program.  Click the image to claim your free training.


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2. The Freedom to Choose Something Different – Video


Ever say something in the ‘heat of the moment’ and wish you hadn’t?  Beloved teacher and bestselling author Pema Chodron offers a course on emotional ‘hooks’ or ‘triggers’, and the unfortunate reactions that often follow. She’ll tell you exactly how to catch triggers as they arise, and specific techniques to break the reactive cycle.

Here’s a free video from the course.  Click on the image below.

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3. Awake at Work


“Awake at Work: How Can I Realize My Full Potential?” is a free 17-minute session addressing mindfulness, neuroscience, and how a course like this can transform your work-life experience.


FreeSessionFrom AaW_blank






AMP also has a free Podcast series…

…which you can listen to instantly, here!  Or, just click on the image.




5. MeetMindful – Online Dating Service


If you’re into online dating, and into highly conscious relationships, MeetMindful is the only place to be.  Set up a free profile, here.  Click the image below.
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