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To truly ‘get’ the principles and perspectives of conscious relating you’re reading about on this website- to get them ‘in your bones’, there’s just no substitute for practicing with other people.  Especially with other people who are also practicing these things, and especially guided by some people who are really, really good at it.  That’s what you’ll find at these live events, available now for you to attend.  I say with utter confidence that one of the best things you can do for yourself is to experience at least one of them, when you are ready for your life and relationships to both sharply and steadily change for the better.  That’s what happened to me, and to all the folks I’ve introduced to this work, so far.

    -B. Courtney Burrell, editor.



This is a full weekend experience of the depth of connection, and personal insight possible through very skilled relating, via the practice of Circling.  Discover what it’s like to really see the world through someone else’s eyes.  And feel what it’s like to allow someone to really ‘get’ you.  An Aletheia is one of those experiences that is both incredible and indescribable, and you just have to do it- but they do a good job of explaining it, here.





Authentic Man Program Weekend Intensive

The reigning champs of authentic dating for men, the Authentic Man Program (AMP) emphasizes real connection with women, as opposed to posturing, deception, or trying to impress.  At the Intensive, male and female coaches support you in seeing how you show up in your realtime interactions with women, and understanding what has you showing up that way.  At the end, you won’t just appear to be a more powerful, attractive man- you’ll actually be one. Click the image for more info.


AMP Intensive


Authentic Relating Comprehensive (ARC)

Once, by attending an event like Aletheia, you experience the depth of relating that’s possible for you in every daily interaction, the personal evolution that arises from it, you’ll probably want to solidify that way of being.  ARC was created for folks who want to deepen in authentic relating and stabilize there.  Find out more, here.  Or, click the image.




Train the Trainer (T3)

Advanced Training in Art & Science of Circling
and Authentic Relational Leadership

This is the certification training for those who want to become Circling facilitators, lead all manner of groups as an authentic leader, and deepen most fully into embodying the skills of authentic relating.  Register here. Or, click the image.





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