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What’s with All the Fixation
on Relating with Women?

‘…pain & frustration with women is the one thing that consistently cattle-prods men into finally taking a look at their lives with honesty & depth.  Men’s disconnection with women, it turns out, is simply a bread crumb trail back to where we’re disconnected from ourselves.  Any situation in which a man cannot respond consciously, firmly & lovingly, pinpoints profound opportunities for personal evolution.’  I just love that. So, here are some links to the best of AMP online.


a) AMP Training by Monthly Membership

You can try it all out for one month, for $1.


b) Foundations of Inner Game- Full AMP Course on Video

An oldie but a goodie! If you can’t go to the live AMP intensive, here’s the next best thing.  Filmed at the event, you can experience the entire course from home.  It’s funny, these videos were the thing that introduced me to the larger world of authentic relating.  Some years ago, I watched them with a friend on DVDs, but now you can watch instantly.


c) Getting Her World- on Video

See how the AMP principles play out in real world interactions.  Back in the day, they put AMP founder Decker Cunov in a room and filmed him in one-on-one conversations with women.  The depth of connection they get to, from hardly knowing each other at first, is amazing, genuine despite the cameras, and beautiful to watch. Throughout, the AMP coaches break down the principles that apply in each part of each conversation.  Watch a bit of the video, here:



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